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  • Allochtoon — NOTOC Allochtoon (plural: allochtonen) is a Dutch word (derived from Greek ἀλλος (allos), other, and χθον (chthon) earth/land), literally meaning originating from another country . It is the opposite of the word autochtoon (in English,… …   Wikipedia

  • Dutch (ethnic group) — Infobox Ethnic group group=The Dutch (Nederlanders) Dutch people talking on the street poptime= 20 million 31.5 million(Blue → Dutch born) (Green → Reported ancestry) region1 = flagcountry|Netherlands pop1 = 13,186,600 (Ethnic Dutch)… …   Wikipedia

  • Autochthon — (and variants thereof) may refer to:* The original inhabitants (indigenous peoples) of a place (auto + chthon (earth)) ** Autochthonous language, the language of an indigenous people ** Autochthonous church, the indigenous church of a people *In… …   Wikipedia

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  • Frenchification of Brussels — Since the founding of the Kingdom of Belgium in 1830, Brussels has transformed from being almost entirely Dutch speaking, to being a multilingual city with French as the majority language and lingua franca. This language shift, the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Dutch people — This article is about the ethnic group known as the Dutch and their descendants world wide. For information on the population of the Netherlands, see Demographics of the Netherlands. The Dutch (Nederlanders) Street view in a small Dutch town… …   Wikipedia

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